Friday, October 14, 2011

San Francisco

A big day when we disembarked from the ship in Quebec then spent hours at the airport waiting for our flight to Toronto en-route to San Francisco.  Since then, we've been recovering from the pace of the last 3 weeks travelling not realising how tiring it had been to wake up early every morning, have bags packed, gulp down breakfast then board a bus or whatever for the day's activity (are we getting old?).  Paddy's friend Nora has welcomed us into her home and given us the keys to her car so that we can get around while we're staying in San Fran.  Yesterday we made a latish start then Paddy (against her better judgement) drove to the bus stop where we caught the bus to the Rapid Transit Centre and went into the city to see the sights.  We jumped aboard one of the crowded cable cars to Pier 39, enjoyed clam chowder for lunch, and walked through the pier area.  Sundowners in Nora's place are a couple of Margaritas before dinner - just a nice way to wind up the day.  
Late in the afternoon there is still fog sitting under the Golden Gate Bridge.  

This was as close as we could get to Alcatraz 

The steep hills of San Francisco

The cable cars are turned manually

The pretty merry go round at Pier 39

Seals arrived at the pier after the earthquake in 1989 and now live here year round.  They entertained with their antics

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