Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eastern Canada etc Day 6

Another day on the bus today on the road from Quebec to the Canadian capital Ottawa.  Not a lot to see enroute, but this afternoon we visited Parc Omega, a wildlife park.  We weren't sure what to expect but they loaded us into American style school buses which were perfect for what we were doing as we could drop the windows down and take photos.  Then they loaded us up with carrots, told us to break them into smaller pieces so that we could feed the animals.  We still weren't sure what to expect, but about 2 minutes into the park we spotted our first animals which caused a riot as we all tried to get good photos.  There were bits of carrot flying out of the windows, and the deer were taking pieces straight from our hands ever so gently (obviously well behaved).  We saw a beaver dam and even a couple of swirls in the water which they said were beaver but you could say anything and we'd be none the wiser.  Next it was raccoons and moose and bison and arctic foxes, but the 'piece de resistance' were the black bears.  They were delightful and as our driver cast pieces of bread to them they would sit up or stand up like a dog to get the treats.  What a buzz and the photos aren't too bad - what do you think?

These guys were just so cute, and they had a little one as well.
There's always someone who wants to hog the camera!
 'Well I'm sitting up, where's my treat?'
Three black bears all in a row
With antlers like these, who needs a Hills Hoist?
What a handsome fellow, what self respecting female bison could resist his good looks?

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