Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lancaster, Philadelphia to Washington DC

Well tonight we're sleeping just down the street from Barak and Michelle though I don't think we'll be doing coffee in the morning with them.  It's been an interesting and educational day as we've spent a good portion travelling within the Amish country which is extremely pretty farmland.  We visited two farms whose Amish owners have opened up to tourists and had lunch in (wait for it) the town of Intercourse.  I've never heard of this town but apparently it's quite famous around the world (don't know whether they mean the town or the act).  The Amish community are very different but the people we met were quite open about their lives and the community so we enjoyed the education.  Their children are only educated up till Grade 8 and then work with their families until they are baptised when they decide whether they want to stay with this life they know, and their life has very definite male and female roles.  Their families are quite large as they don't really practice contraception and some families have up to 13 or more children (gasp!)  We were asked to respect the fact that they are camera shy and don't like to have cameras in their face, but were able to take photos of their farms and homes.  Just a couple of photos follow.  Tomorrow we tour Washington.  That's it for tonight.  
This fellow is hitching up the trailer load of hay and the horses will pull it back to the barn - no tractors here
A picture just doesn't do the scene justice - it was just so pretty
Don't waste anything - another use for old shoes.

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