Saturday, October 1, 2011

New York - Day 2

Well thankfully we got through the day without too much stress.  The Embassy processed Paddy’s new passport in a couple of hours and then it was onto the 18th Precinct NYPD.  Believe it or not it was just like you see on TV with the bad ass momma at the counter with a bad attitude.  We laugh about it now but it was a bit nerve racking at the time and unfortunately we weren’t brave enough to get out our cameras to record the event.  But yes, we are on the ship and under way and I’ve had a chance to download my photos from yesterday before the s... hit the fan.  I can only put a couple of my New York shots to give you a taste.  
A photo doesn't really do justice to Grand Central Station - it's spectacular

Central Park would be a haven in the middle of this busy city.

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