Tuesday, November 22, 2011

South Africa on a bike

Well, we're about to fly out of Brisbane to Johannesburg for a ride through South Africa on a BMW GS1200 for the next 3 weeks.  Can you imagine trying to pack helmets, boots and bike jackets etc as well as the rest of the gear we'll need to keep us clean and fresh as we travel.  I hate packing and while some folk can manage with just a small amount of stuff, Geoff and I seem to have all the trimmings so that we can be comfortable and why not?  I feel that I must start the day with my hair looking something like respectable as helmet hair does nothing for me, Geoff being a bloke doesn't care about his hair but must be comfortable and protected from the sun.  We complement each other while I'm probably considered a 'princess' in the biking world, he brings some balance to the partnership.   Anyhow, we're looking forward to some great adventures as we ride from Johannesburg to Capetown.

Hopefully we won't encounter winds like we did in Patagonia which blew the bikes off track and caused us to abandon the riding for the day

My chauffeur for the next 3 weeks

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  1. I don't know how I lost your blog but I have been catching up. Loved tour canada USA posts. Great shots and good humour.
    Enjoy your trip. Hope you can get free internet access. Looking forward to some wildlife shots to share at camera club next year.
    Take care of yourself and that good looking chauffeur.