Friday, November 25, 2011


I've been mindful of the many requests I had before we left to get lots of wildlife photos, and with that in mind, you'll be thrilled to hear that today I flattened the battery taking 'happy snaps' of lots of cheetahs and other endangered animals when we visited a Cheetah Conservation facility not far from Pretoria.  We also patted a Cheetah while it purred like a kitten, what a buzz! 

We were driven through the animal enclosures where they also had Vultures and Antelopes, African Hunting Dogs and even a brown Hyena who was like an old drunk staggering to come to the fence and see what was happening because he had just been roused from a deep sleep. 

Just beautiful

Nice Kitty
Waiting for his feed
This handsome fellow was looking out for his girls and chasing off any amorous young bucks that dared to come too close
The girls could enjoy their dinner in peace
A bit of posturing going on here
I've never been a fan of the African Hunting Dog but these guys had such colourful coats and they were very handsome and in top condition
Notes on protecting self while in Africa:  Cover your ankles with insect repellent to ward off the biting ants which I discovered really hurt and draw blood.  They swarm over your shoes and attack your legs, and I got in touch with my inner African trying to stamp my feet and dance to get them off me yesterday when we went for a walk.   


  1. Love the cheetah's face. Those ants sound vicious.

  2. Your blog is wonderful as usual. What else could we expect from such an adventure! Thanks so much for the company of you and Geoff. Just great. Luv