Friday, August 10, 2012

Livingstone and Victoria Falls

More bullet points so that the photos can talk for me

- Flew to Livingstone and checked in to our hotel the Royal Livingstone which is on the banks of the Zambesi River just above the Falls.  The hotel has resident Zebras and Giraffes which are fed every afternoon.

No words needed
Trivia for the day - a group of Zebras is called a 'Dazzle' and you can see why

- Walked that afternoon to the Falls which was one of those moments I could never have imagined - To actually be walking in the footsteps of David Livingstone seeing 'The smoke which thunders'  as I learnt about in Primary school is just so amazing.  

- Next day was a bus tour to Botswana and the Chobe Game Reserve.  In the morning we cruised the Chobe River taking heaps of photos of the animals we saw - crocodiles, hippos grazing on the sweet grasses, buffalo, heaps of water birds, and antelope, just so many antelope.

A family portrait

Well you know, you never smile at a crocodile

- The afternoon we spent in a 4x4 safari vehicle spotting lions, giraffe, elephants, mongoose, and more of the same.  We found a herd of elephants and watched them for ages as they moved closer and closer to our vehicle, before crossing the road in single file only metres in front of our car.  A very special moment as these massive animals made their way to the water. 
It's hard to find a shady spot in this dry land
The elephants passed by protecting their young

- Yesterday we visited the Mukuni Village with a population of over 7,000 people.  These people live in mud huts with thatched roofs, no electricity or running water, their children are only educated to Year 7 and are unlikely to ever get High School, their babies are born in a clinic in the village.  It was sobering to say the least. 
The boys found out what hard work it is to pump water in the village

Mukuni Village children

Could you live like this?
- In the afternoon we sailed down the Zambesi River on a boat called the African Queen (no, not the Humphrey Bogart version) to watch another spectacular African Sunset.

Off for a sail down the Zambesi

The hippos thought it was a bit 'ho hum'

Spectacular sunset

- This morning we took a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls - WOW!

Now we are back in Johannesburg, and early tomorrow morning we fly to Kenya for more animals.  I am getting so many photos and there are still more to come.  

And now I'm off to bed - tomorrow we have an early start.  

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