Sunday, September 18, 2011

Eastern Canada etc Days 2 & 3

Didn't get much sleep that first night, nor the second for that matter, but tonight's gotta be the night.  Since we had a day to ourselves yesterday we went exploring on foot, making our way to the old part of town, then decided to take a horse and carriage ride with a lovely old horse named Charlie and his chatty driver.  Charlie took his 'right of way' doing a U turn in front of the traffic and proceeded to show us the sights.  When we finished being ladies, we boarded a bus to find the underground mall everybody had told us.  I found out that  Paddy is a master at charades and she was trying to explain to our bus driver where we wanted to go complete with lots of hand action, when he answered us in English.  We both cracked up and that kept us laughing for the rest of the day.  To finish off the afternoon we felt we should investigate the Catholic church we overlook from our hotel window since it was on our way back to the hotel, and it was just beautiful.

Today we've recovered some of the same ground but our visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dame was the best  part of today's tour.  Now it's time for a granny nap and tomorrow we head for Quebec where we might get to try out our few French phrases - particularly 'Do you speak English?'

Charlie likes having his photo taken

Our room has a pretty good view of the city by night, and when you can't sleep you take photos don't you?
 We even found some tall ships, but we were too cheap to pay to go over them

The inside of Notre Dame Cathedral is spectacular


  1. That was funny. trying to speak the lingo before asking if they speak English. So what town is this? The cathedral is beautiful. e are off to WA tomorrow so my commenting will be sparse. have fun.

  2. Sorry Di, it was Montreal's Notre Dame Basilica. Spectacular isn't it?