Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eastern Canada etc Day 8 & 9 Ottawa to Toronto

To break up the long trip to Toronto we took the leisurely Rockport 1000 Island cruise, to see where Canadians who can afford it buy an island and build what appeared to be mainly holiday homes.  Some were no bigger than a garage while others were quite large, depending how big your bank account is and  there was even a castle.   Not much else to see enroute, but as we drove into Toronto we  were on the world's largest freeway system - some 20 lanes wide which we were told becomes a parking lot as folk try to leave the city for the weekend. 
This is all part of one and the same castle built by an American.  Can't quite figure the obsession with building castles 
A more realistic size property

This morning we visited the CN Tower (now the world's second tallest building) at 625mtr high with a spectacular 360 degree view of the city and Lake Ontario.  We went down a flight of stairs to the level below with a glass floor and it was interesting to see the reactions when confronted with this.  Eventually most stepped onto the clear floor, though not all were able to look down which proves the mind plays some funny tricks on us!  

Yep! We're standing on the glass panels - don't look down.

The weather turned feral and heavy rain started falling, so Paddy and I took a cab to the Bata Shoe Museum.  We spent an enjoyable couple of hours learning the history of shoes dating back to when we stopped walking on all fours.  Must be a girl thing because we mentioned to some couples and the guys just couldn't wait to go and check it out.   

These were quite petite shoes.

I think Lady Gaga's stylist has copied some of the others we saw. 

 This is what you do when your shoes are old and worn out - turn them into an artwork.  Pretty clever don't you think?  Geoff take note, those old work boots of yours could make us a fortune.  

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