Friday, September 16, 2011

Eastern Canada, US & New England Cruise - Day 1

Well we're here after a really, really, really long 36 or so hours without much sleep, delayed flights both in Brisbane and Los Angeles, but we got here in the end and it's great to have a shower, have something other than airport/airline food, and a soft comfy bed to sleep in.  It wasn't all problems though, and our hostess on the plane thought we looked like a couple of alcoholics when we ordered a scotch for lunch and brought us 2 each.  Then as we were leaving the plane she gave us each a bottle of Champagne to take with us and so now we're going to have to force ourselves to sit down and drink it - I tell you it's tough this travelling.  Then the piece de resistance was our transfer from the airport in Montreal.  Our driver left us to wait while he picked up the car from the carpark and told us to look out for a stretch limo.  That was the icing on the cake when he pulled up with the disco lights blinking inside the car, we carried on like a couple of kids jumping around and trying the seats - but what a way to arrive at our hotel.  Yes, we're really here!!!!

 Disco divas ain't got nothing on us.  We were pink and blue depending which light was blinking

  What shall we order from room service?

  We hadn't spread out yet!


  1. Hi Ladies. Are sure you can cope? Luv Ngaire

  2. That is a long time to be travelling but you'll get over it soon with the luxury you are living.