Thursday, September 29, 2011

Washington DC to New York

Busy couple of days.  Enjoyed Washington immensely as there was just so much to see and it was hard enough to know where to start.  Had a guided tour in the morning visiting all the well known spots - the White House from a distance, The Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery and the list goes on.  Took heaps of photos and at the end of the tour we were dropped at the Smithsonian Institute which is really a mall about 2km long where all the Museums under the wing of the Smithsonian are located.  We walked for what seemed like miles and were pretty footsore at the end of looking through the museums, but what a great afternoon.  After dinner we took another guided tour to see the city by night and even did a drive by (in this country you need to be careful when you say a 'drive by') the Pentagon and while we could hardly see the building, our guide pointed out where the plane hit on 9/11.

Arlington Cemetery was very moving.  The grounds are beautiful 
The memorial built to commemorate the soldiers of the  Korean War
The Capitol Building where the Congressmen and Senators make the important decisions for this country
We found the lunar landing machine in the Aeronautical and Space Museum in the Smithsonian
Left this morning headed for the Big Apple via Philadelphia where we had another guided tour.  My mind is now full of lots of trivia from the info we've had thrown at us during these tours - anyone for Trivial Pursuit?  Then it took about 2 hours till we hit the traffic into the city.  It was pretty exciting to see the skyline as we approached and we were dropped at our hotel in Times Square.  It's like you see on movies but the streets are not as wide as they appear so it's easy enough to cross and you just have to push through everybody as it seems to be wall to wall people.  We're on the 15th floor of our hotel and look over the street where you buy cheap tickets to see the Broadway shows so there's heaps of billboards and bright lights everywhere.  So far it's good fun, we'll see what tomorrow brings.  Haven't downloaded my New York photos yet so will include a few next time I'm online.

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