Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The last few days became a blur as we covered so much distance from Knysna to Cape Aghulis to Capetown in 2 days - but what a couple of days with so much to see.  

The colours of the scenery are varied and spectacular

From Knysna we travelled through wonderful scenery though the countryside was dry.  We stopped for a visit to Ronnie’s Sex Shop which is not as the name infers.  The story goes that it’s original name was Ronnie’s Shop, but some wag painted the ‘Sex” into the name, and it stuck.  It’s sort of a biker’s (or anyone’s) drop in for a coffee or a beer, and to give it character, over the year bikers have left T shirts and the female visitors have left either bras or knickers all of which now adorn the ceiling of the place.  It’s a tacky, dirty place in the middle of nowhere, but apparently it’s a ‘must do’, so we did.
Geoff checks out the tropies at Ronnie's Sex Shop
A hundred or so more kilometres and we reached Cape Aghulis which you should remember from your Social Studies lessons at school is where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.  If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone.  When we arrived there was a strong Westerly wind blowing which tried it’s hardest to knock us off the road, and the sand was whipping our faces.  It’s a windblown, rocky, ruggedly beautiful spot, so we only stopped for the obligatory photos, then paid a quick visit to the lighthouse which had been built in 1846.  We climbed the stairs and a ladder to reach the top for a look at the view, then headed for our guesthouse for a nice warm shower to wash off the dust of the road. 
Windblown but excited to be at Cape Aghulis where the oceans merge
Our last day of riding took us from the Cape to Capetown, about 450km which is not a lot, but we stopped off so often I lost count.  Again we found ourselves riding through more spectacular countryside dotted with lush green vineyards which contrasted sharply with the bare harvested maize and hay fields.  It was all beautiful and while we had started out in cloudy conditions, the sun came out and we ended up with perfect conditions for our last riding day.  
We were following the coastline most of the way and the water was a very deep blue and was breathtaking against the colour of the sand.  Lunch was on a high cliff overlooking an amazing view and to get there we rode up a twisting, winding road with steep dropaways not for the squeamish, then it was back on the road for more of the same.  Luckily it was Sunday so traffic was relatively mild.  In one small town we came upon a group of baboons just walking alongside the road as if they owned it. 
Spectacular view while we enjoy lunch
We stopped to see penguins who nest alongside quite a busy residential area.  They were so close we could have touched them.
Cute little guys and some of their chicks

'My darling, you're looking especially lovely today'
 Another hour or so riding and we entered the Cape of Good Hope National Park where we once again did the obligatory photos, though this time we didn't have to rush quite so much as we were enjoying the beautiful day.  Just look at the clear blue sky.
Cause for celebration, we've reached the Cape of Good Hope and the sun is shining
The sun glistening on the waters of the Cape of Good Hope
We reached Capetown around 7.00, still in daylight and exhilarated to be finished the ride without any problems.  
Today we’ve been playing tourist on the Red Bus.  We rode the cable car up to Table Mountain and the view from the top is spectacular, and tonight we’ve enjoyed a nice dinner by the waterfront with the group we’ve spent the last 3 weeks with.  How lucky are we to have been able to travel with a group which melded well, laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company which made the whole experience just great.

Guess where!

These things have a revolving floor and open windows so you can look back at the view as you go higher and higher

How clear is this water - looking down from Table Mountain

Nice plate to enjoy a dinner with new friends before we all head home.

Tomorrow we start the long journey back home and it will be great to be back on Aussie soil, where we don’t have to live behind razor wire and electric fences.  It’s been a great experience.     

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  1. What a fantastic trip. It is always made better if your tour group is fun to be with.