Thursday, December 8, 2011

St Lucia to Knysna

We’ve had about 5 days without any internet service so all the group has been a bit twitchy because their Iphones didn’t work but we’re back into a large town where we have Wifi - yeah!
After our trip to Durban we managed to return to St Lucia in time to take the hippo discovery trip late in the afternoon when the hippos are supposed to be coming to life.  While we did see heaps of them, they were still not ready to put on a show and were still waking up before heading out for a night grazing on the grasses near their river territories.  

A face only a mother could love
They didn't move just kept watching us
Next morning we were off to Oribi Gorge which was to be our next overnight stop.  Our lunch stop was at a beach where the muddy river water turned the surf a spectacular shade of brown.  The surf just didn’t look at all inviting. We arrived at the gorge late in the afternoon after a long day on the bikes.  It's a spectacular place and there are some adventure playthings for those who want to follow that path, though none of us was up to taking a swing out into the middle of the gorge.  We did however take a walk across the suspension bridge which was fine as long as the guys weren’t shaking it all over the place.  
It's a big drop on a swing
Anyone for a swim, it's not at all inviting
These pretty coloured houses dotted the hills for miles and miles.

Up and off again to our next stop, Coffee Bay for a couple of nights.  This area is quite remote and off the beaten track and the only white folk we saw were the hotel owners, and when we arrived on Sunday night the young people of the town were ready to party after a day spent going to church.  We made our way through the packed streets to our hotel situated right on the beach and our room overlooked the surf which thankfully was not the colour of coffee.  It was lovely going to sleep with the sound of the surf breaking outside our rooms.

A room with a view
The houses along the road are painted all sorts of colours - whatever takes the owner's fancy

Unfortunately many people still live in slums on the outskirts of many of the towns
There wasn’t a lot to do in this small village but some of the group had met a lifeguard who was a tour guide in his second job, and he offered to take us to visit his village and see how they made the local maize beer.  True to his word he turned up at the gates to our hotel at 4.00 and led us up the goat tracks to his neighbour’s house.  There were about 20 people from the village inside the rondavel he took us to, about 4 men and the rest were women and children.  The women of course had blankets filled with necklaces they had made and were keen to show us, and of course we were expected to go shopping.  Then the serious business of tasting the local beer and one of the guys volunteered to be chief taster.  There was quite a routine involved, but eventually all of the men tasted the maize beer and gave it the ‘thumbs up’.  It was an interesting insight into village life for us.
Miriam and friend
Now which necklace would you like to buy - untangle this lot.

Today we're in Knysna and it's raining so I don't think we'll be doing too much.  We had an eco tour planned, but the weather is ugly and we don't need wet, muddy clothes to cope with, so I think we'll pass.

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  1. You are certainly in the back blocks. What a great experience. hope the weather is better tomorrow.