Friday, December 2, 2011

Swaziland to St Lucia

We have access to faster internet today so I’ll add a few more photos from Kruger.  We were up close to so many of the animals and yet felt reasonably safe in our vehicle.  One large bull elephant was only about 20 feet away from us and walked straight toward us.  

He just walked toward us as he munched his grass

This guy was cooling himself off by flapping his ears and giving himself a mud bath

We passed through Swaziland very quickly with only one night spent there and didn’t see a lot of the local people unfortunately.  We stopped and bought candles unique to Swaziland at a craft market, and all spent a long choosing which ones to buy then  continued  on our way to the border where we expected we could be standing in the sun for a couple of hours before being allowed through the border back into South Africa.  Apparently there can be long waits when busloads of tourists arrive at the same time, but we were lucky and got through in about 30 minutes.  The temperature started climbing and the thermometer on the bike registered 38.5 degrees so by the end of the day we felt pretty sticky and dirty so it was great to have a shower and freshen up when we arrived in St Lucia. 

These ladies were beading necklaces

Making candles

Lots of the women have their hair braided
Smoko stop

Heading for the gravel

These huts are all along the road

Wonderful scenery as well - great
Today we have a rest day but Geoff and I are driving to Durban to see some clients so we’ll have a long day, but this time we’ve hired a car so it should be an easier trip than doing it on the bike.

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  1. No rest for the adventurers. Great shots of the animals. I like the shot taken from the bike of the road ahead. I can't imagine that is an easy way to take photos,